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Special Packages for Every Life Phase: The Perfect Gift for You or Your Special Someone.

Self-love Lingerie Sets - Lingerie Dose

Single Phase:

Self-love Lingerie Sets:

  • Two Pieces of Sassy, Playful Lingerie: Bold and flirtatious.
  • One Pleasure Tool: Delightful exploration.
  • Perfect For: Self-love sessions or romantic date nights.
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Girlfriend Phase:

Romantic Lingerie Sets:

  • Two Luxurious Lingerie Sets: Exquisite and enticing.
  • One Flirty Accessory: Playful charm.
  • Confidence Booster: Elevate your allure.
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Bridal Lingerie Box - Lingerie Dose

Bridal Phase:

Bridal Lingerie Box:

  • Three Luxurious Bridal Lingerie: Ultimate elegance and sophistication.
  • Two Sexy BabyDolls: Allure meets comfort.
  • Three Playful Accessories: Captivating accents.
  • Luxurious Box: The complete set is presented in an opulent box, perfect for honeymoons.
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Mommy Phase:

Subtle Seduction:

  • Two Pieces of Lingerie: Comfy and sexy.
  • One Sexy BabyDoll: Easy elegance.
  • Two Playful Accessories: Fun touches.
  • For the Busy Mom: Effortlessly stylish.
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